Interactive Docs

If you've got test credentials for Connect Cloud then this documentation page can be used to interact with our API and any Paymentsense terminal that has been provided to you.

To get started:

  1. Enter your test account name. The remainder of the URL generally shouldn't need to be changed.
  2. https://

  3. Click the 'Authorize' button. Enter any username and place your API key into the password field.

  4. The docs use values of docsSWH for the Software-House-Id header and docsInstaller for the Installer-Id header. In your EPoS, the provided values should be used.
  5. Use 'Try it out!' on the endpoints to see an end-to-end interaction with the terminal.
  6. You can view the expected requests and responses for each endpoint, including example values and detailed models.

Polling Frequency


The suggested polling frequency is 1 second.
Anything between 0.5 and 2 seconds is also fine if a different responsiveness/bandwidth/performance tradeoff is preferred.
Anything lower that 0.5 is generally unnecessary given the pace of transactions and the frequency of card machine notifications.

To avoid missing notifications in-between polling periods, it's suggested to keep track of the already displayed ones and always go through the list of notifications to action any newly received one.


The suggested polling frequency is 5 seconds.
Anything between 1 and 30 seconds is also fine since, in this mode, the EPoS mostly acts as a passive observer for payments.

Rate Limiting

Connect may enforce a delay of 0.1 seconds between requests.

Data Availability

Integration data will be available in Connect for a number of hours, so that the EPoS has time to retrieve it.

However, we recommend that you get this information as soon as possible from Connect and only rely on its presence in our cloud in case of failures (network drops, data loss, crashes, etc).


Transactions and reports requested to card machines can be retrieved for 12 hours from their completion.


Table data can be retrieved until a table is explicitly removed from Connect.

End of Day reports that PDQs have sent to the REST interface are available for 7 days.

Next Steps

Once you've completed the integration, use the Checklist to ensure that everything has been implemented as expected.