Checking Internet Connectivity

PDQ Home Screen 1

Check if the PDQ has obtained a valid IP address (either from DHCP or its own static settings) by checking the colour of the network symbol.

If the network symbol is:

  • Green: The terminal has obtained an IP address through DHCP or through a static IP if this has been set up. Please note that any static IP will make this symbol green, even if the settings are not valid for your network.
  • White: There is no network activity. Please check that the network cable has been correctly inserted into the black box/base and the router/switch. If you are using an iWL, please ensure that the power cable has been correctly inserted into the base and that the PDQ is paired to the base. The base pairing can be updated by following the instructions here.
  • Red: The terminal is not able to obtain an IP address from the network. This could be caused by no DHCP response or if a network conflict has been detected.
2 When the network symbol is green, continue with the below steps to check if the PDQ is able to ping Connect
PDQ Home Screen 3 From the home screen of the PDQ (Paymentsense logo showing), press the down button
Functions Menu on Telium Manager 4 Select TELIUM MANAGER and press ENTER
Telium Manager Menu on Initialization 5 Select Initialization and press ENTER
Initialization Menu on Hardware 6 Select Hardware and press ENTER
Configuration Menu on Ethernet Setup 7 Select Ethernet Setup and press ENTER
Ethernet Setup Menu on Ping 8 Select Ping and press ENTER
9 Enter an IP address to ping (for example,
Ping Responses 10 If the PDQ displays that it has received 4/4 packets, then the connection to Connect is stable