Google Pay™

Google Pay™ provides a fast, simple and secure way to pay using the cards saved on Google accounts.

Google Pay™ is currently available for Dojo and Cybersource only

To get started with Google Pay is simple and you can make payments with few steps.

Set up Google Pay

For detailed instructions on how to configure Google Pay for web payments, see Wallet documentation.

Supported Card Networks

  • Mastercard
  • Visa


The Google Pay Test Card Suite allows you to test Google Pay without the need of adding real cards to Google accounts.

To instantly view these cards in your Google Account TEST environment, join Google's User Group and all test cards will be automatically added to your account so you do not need to add them manually.

You are free to leave or join Google's Test Card Suite Group as needed. To leave, select My membership settings and click Leave group.

Developers must use real cards in a PRODUCTION environment.

The test card suite is only intended for use in TEST environments, it will be automatically detected and shown when accessing a TEST environment and hidden when you are accessing a PRODUCTION environment.

It means that you can use your real Google account to join the test card suite, but we recommend to use a Google account used to run integration tests.

Terms and Conditions

By integrating Google Pay, you adhere to the Google Pay APIs Acceptable Use Policy and accept the terms defined in the Google Pay API Terms of Service.

Useful Links

If you need additional information, you can find more information in the official Google documentation.

Google Pay Web Brand Guidelines

Google Pay Web Developer Documentation

Google Pay Web Integration Checklist