Configuration Options

There are a number of configuration options on the PDQs that can be set to suit your needs. These can be changed by getting in touch with us.


Starting from REST v2 and WS v1, cashback can be added to a transaction via Connect. If the PDQ does not support cashback or the card does not allow it, the transaction may continue without the cashback amount. The amountCashback field in the transaction should always be checked to find out the actual amount of cashback processed. The cashback prompt will never appear on the PDQ for these API versions.

Older API versions do not support cashback from the EPoS, but it can still be added manually on the PDQ. In this case, the cashback prompt will appear after the card is inserted, provided that the card supports cashback.

Cashback will still need to be enabled on the PDQ regardless of how it is added to the transaction.

Contactless Customer Receipt

By default, the Customer receipt does not print for a contactless transaction. This can be changed to always print the Customer copy. Alternatively, you can print the Customer copy for a single transaction by pressing F1 from the home screen of the PDQ (Paymentsense logo showing) after a transaction has taken place.


Prompts for gratuity can be enabled allowing them to be added to transactions. When enabled, the gratuity prompt appears before the card is inserted.

Receipt Printing

Some PDQs have built-in printers and others do not. Those with printing capabilities can have the printing disabled with a PAC integration. Printing is required for a PAT integration.
If you wish to turn this off (or use a non-printing PDQ) then we mandate that you print these receipts from your EPoS. The receipts can found in the receiptLines field of the transaction outcome.

Split Mode

When using the PAT integration, the PDQ can split the bill between multiple payees. This can be set to always split the bill, to never split the bill, or to ask the user if they wish to split the bill.

Waiter ID and Table ID

When using the PAT integration, prompts for Waiter ID and Table ID can be disabled. If Waiter ID prompts are disabled, the Waiter ID will always be 0. If Table ID prompts are disabled, the PDQ will always bring up a table listing.