Setting Up a Test Account

In order to integrate with Connect-e you'll need three things. A gateway username and password and an API key.

Setting Up a Gateway Account

To get a test account, please sign up here. There are three steps needed to complete this process:

  1. Register for an Account Form - Fill in the form with your contact information.
  2. Verify Email - You will receive an email from our automated system. Please read and follow the instructions to complete the registration process.
  3. Log into the Merchant Management System (MMS) - Once your email has been verified you will receive another email containing details of your MMS and gateway accounts. You can use these to log into the MMS to complete the registration.

Getting An API Key

To get an API Key to start your integration please email and provide your gateway username.
Your gateway username can be found here

Test Card Numbers

The following card numbers are to be used with your test account

Card Name Card Number Expiry Date CV2 Status Code ThreeD Secure
John Watson 4976000000003436 12/20 452 0 No
Jake Keaton 340000432128428 12/20 3469 0 No
Luke Johns 5100000000005460 12/20 524 0 No
Ian Lee 4221690000004963 12/20 125 5 No
George Toole 4792840000009202 12/20 654 4 No
Geoff Wayne 4976350000006891 12/20 341 0 Yes
Kirsty Catlin 4282730000002397 12/20 985 5 Yes
Julie Bean 4104710000005315 12/20 487 4 Yes