Connect-E - REST API

Use our REST API to create tokens to enable you to take payments on your site using Connect-E. This is the first step when using both Connect-E Standard and Connect-E Checkouts. Requests to the REST API are designed to be made server to server as calling from a browser would expose the API key.


Our REST API is secured using a JWT added to the Authorization header of inbound requests. When creating an access token the merchantUrl will also need to match the one stored in our system for that JWT.
Security keys are sensitive information and should not be publicly available. They should be stored securely on your server and not be used in a browser based request. If you do not already have a JWT please contact us.

Interactive Docs

If you already have a JWT for our system you can use the interactive docs to call the API. Click on the Authorise button to set up your JWT. The JWT needs to be added to the Authorization header in the format Bearer <YOUR_JWT>.
For requests to /v1/cross-reference-payments/{access-token} you will need to get a one time access token from /v1/access-tokens and pass it in place of access-token.