Test Cards

Physical Test Cards

We provide 2 physical test cards for use with your test PDQ. If you have not received these, then please get in touch with your Business Development Contact and we'll get them sent out to you as soon as possible. While you're waiting for these to arrive, you can begin by using the Virtual Test Cards shown below.

Chip and PIN Card

This card is for use with Chip and PIN transactions.

Mastercard Debit Test Card

Contactless Card

This card is for use with Contactless transactions.

Paypass Contactless Test Card

Virtual Test Cards

There are also a number of Virtual Test Cards (e.g. just the card details without the physical card) that can be used in your testing. These can only be used in CP (Customer Present) and CNP (Customer Not Present) transactions. You can find details on how to invoke CP and CNP transactions here.

# Card Number Expiry Date CSC
1 5413 3300 8902 0011 12/25 123
2 5457 2100 8902 0012 12/25 123