Liftoff - Getting Started

Requirements for interacting with Liftoff

  • Authorization header
  • Host address

Authorization header

Request headers should use Basic Authorization. Liftoff credentials (username and password) will be issued to you at the beginning of the integration process and will be used to authenticate any requests made from any software that you develop.

  • Username - Identifies the EPoS company whose software is generating the request.
  • Password - An API key

These values should not be user-configurable as they will remain the same for all customers using one company's software.

Host address

Requests should be aimed at:

  • Test —
  • Production —

This value should preferrably be administrator-configurable as the QA process will require directing your requests to our test system (alternatively, a special build could be used for this).

Next Steps

For a detailed description about how Liftoff works, have a look at the Liftoff flow page.