Liftoff - About

Configuring a till's Connect Cloud integration can be an operational burden, wouldn't it be great if customers could do this themselves in a simple and intuitive way?

Liftoff APIs allow transfering Connect Cloud credentials on tills without users having to type a single character!
No more installers painstakingly typing 36 characters long passwords on a touchscreen display!

How does it work?

  1. The till makes an API call into Liftoff to get assigned a unique setup code
  2. The setup code is displayed along with its QR code
  3. The till periodically checks if Connect configuration details have been submitted against its setup code
  4. Once the data is there, the configuration is complete
Liftoff Diagram

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How does the data reach Liftoff on the correct setup code?

Whenever a Connect account is created, a welcome e-mail containing the credentials is sent to you and your customer(we're still working on what the best way to directly contact merchants could be, for now the email or the setup link should be forwarded at your discretion).
In there, a button will open a WebApp with which the user can scan the code (or type it - if a camera is not available).

Alternatively, the setup code can be communicated to a customer support agent who can then use the WebApp on the customers' behalf. Liftoff Diagram